Jace Wheeler Biography

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Real Name:   
Real Name:  Abdul bin Hussain  
Nicknames:  The Last Hipster Standing  
Hometown:  Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY  
Hometown:  Basra, Iraq  
Birthday:  4/3/87  
Birthday:  Unknown  
Height:  6'2  
Height:  6ft 2in  
Weight:  230 lbs 
Weight:  242 lbs 


Biography:  fJace Wheeler has been a professional wrestler since 2011 and has lived in Williamsburg since 2005. He is a Certified Kettlebell Instructor and believes that a wrestler is only as good as their workout playlist. 
Biography:  As a young Muslim boy growing up in Basra, Iraq, Abdul did not have it easy. His father one of Saddam Hussain’s Republican Guard’s died in the first Gulf War at the hands of an American Marine. Abdul wanted to be a great wrestler as he loved watching the illegal videos he managed to get hold of from some of the Oil workers from abroad. He dreamed of working as a professional wrestler and being the best in the world but something happened to deter him from this.

He lived with his wife and child in Basra when the Coalition invaded his homeland. On 5 April 2003, US bombers targeted the residential al-Tuwaisi area of downtown Basra, reportedly attempting to kill Ali Hassan al-Majid (a.k.a. “Chemical Ali”). Al-Majid was not present, but 17 civilians were killed by one of two 500-pound laser-guided bombs dropped by US planes. Abdul’s wife and child were amongst them. This could have set Abdul down a very dark path but instead he poured his efforts into becoming the best that he could into becoming a wrestler. Eventually promotions from around the world came looking for this sensation from Iraq that they kept hearing about and he signed his first contract to wrestler abroad. New Edge Wrestling did not know how to really know how to use him in their promotion and he was soon released from his contract.

This did not deter the plucky Iraqi, he joined the short lived EWF and went on to be their EWF North American Champion before the company went out of business. He has recently signed on with the nGw to build up their roster and with a man that he met on the Independent scene Dae-Han Kwon gone onto become the nGw Tag Champions in his second match for the promotion. Having now signed up with UTA and Wrestle-wars Abdul’s career in America is only just really beginning.