Kenneth Williams Biography

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Real Name:  Kenneth Devante Williams  
Nicknames:  The Human Highlight Reel, Your Friendly Neighborhood Stoner  
Hometown:  Austin, Tx  
Birthday:  February 15, 1993  
Height:  6'  
Weight:  225 Lbs lbs 


Biography:  Our beloved stoner hero, Kenny, left a wrestling career in the EWC after a seizure from his epilepsy condition to pursue a movie career and captured hearts across the world in his Netflix movie “PassThe Weed”. Magazines, movies, and women were great and dandy, but the friendly neighborhood stoner soon found himself back on the indy circuit racking up wins and looking for a new place to roll his blunt.

It wasn’t long until he was contacted by FWF staff after gaining more recognition for his improved high flying ability. Kenny’s is a known stoner self-medicating his epilepsy condition. He is loved by the fans for his sarcastic sense of humor and his crude jokes. He is a sports entertainer always looking to please the fans with his style. Think Ryan Reynolds/The Rock mixture.


  • This is your friendly neighborhood stoner signin’ off.
  • #HiiPower