Shawn Kutter Biography

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Real Name:  Shawn Kutter  
Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA  
Birthday:  9/30/1978  
Height:  6'3"  
Weight:  253 lbs 


Biography:  Shawn Kutter is a man who came from nothing. His parents were drunks, and raised him in a number of trailer parks in the state of Pennsylvania. Growing up in Philly wasn't easy for anyone, but it was especially difficult for Shawn Kutter. His dad paid the bills with unemployment checks, and his mom went shopping with food stamps. Whatever money was left over, went straight to the Kutter family liquor fund. Both parents were abusive to Shawn; daily beatings were a norm in the Kutter household. Shawn had nothing, and everything he got - clothes, shoes, whatever - was handed over after beating down some unsuspecting schmuck.

One night Shawn’s dad came home from the bar, drunker than Shawn had ever seen him. Shawn’s dad stumbled into the house and knocked a 10-year-old Shawn Kutter to the floor. Shawn’s dad also fell, and smashed his head against the coffee table in the middle of the living room floor. Blood trickled down Shawn’s dad’s forehead. Shawn’s dad got to his feet and popped Shawn right in the temple. Shawn was knocked unconscious and remembers nothing but waking up in the hospital later that night. Shawn was removed from his parent’s trailer that night, and never returned.

Shawn spent his teenage years in and out of foster care and juvenile hall. He fought, he stole, he didn't matter to Shawn. It was the only life he knew. Shortly after turning eighteen, Shawn spent five years in a maximum security prison for robbing and bludgeoning the owner of a convenience store. The only thing he took, was a plate of nachos. Before sentencing Shawn to prison he asked him why he had done the crimes of which he was committed. Shawn's answer was simple and to the point. "I was hungry." Disgusted by this response, the judge through the proverbial “book” at Shawn and sentenced him to the maximum punishment for his crimes.

After spending five years in 23-hour a day lock-down, Shawn was let go on parole. After working crumby warehouse jobs, and doing oil changes, Shawn knew that he needed to find something that he could make more money doing.

Breaking thumbs at the docks wasn't an option, because neither was going back to prison.

He only knew how to do one thing well, and that was fight.

Shawn attempted a career as a boxer on the club circuit. Shawn won his first nine fights by knockout in the first round, but lost his boxing license during his tenth and final fight. During his final fight, Shawn bear hugged his opponent and literally headbutted his opponent into a coma that lasted six months. Losing his license was a silver lining for Shawn, because he always thought there were too many rules in boxing and was never satisfied with a perceived lack of violence. Only Shawn Kutter would find smashing someone's face with his fist as non-violent.

After watching some old wrestling tapes at a hole-in-the-wall bar one night, Shawn knew that wrestling was the answer he’d been looking for. I mean, what other sport can you stomp a man’s face into the mat or drive a steel chair into someone’s head and get away with it?

Shawn never felt the need to go to a wrestling school, as violence and fighting is in his blood. He began traveling the Northeast United States, wrestling for a few small wrestling companies, but never found a place he wanted to stay longer than it took for the checks to cash. 


  • "I need a fuckin' drink"


  • Shawn Kutter has spent time in prison for burglary and assault.